Tier-on-tier shutters with Shuttercraft:

  • Two levels of shutter panels

  • Ideal for sash windows

  • Provides layer of privacy

  • Stylish and practical

Making the most of your living space is important, and tier-on-tier shutters offer ultimate flexibility as well as style. Similar in look to full height shutters, they offer two separate shutter panels that operate individually.

Tier-on-Tier shutters make the most of the light

The two tiers of panels are fixed to the frame, one above the other, so you can choose to open the top half and close the other, helping you get the light levels you desire.

Tier-on-tier can echo the look of café style shutters, which cover the bottom half of your windows only, by opening the top panels fully and leaving the bottom panels in place. Likewise, tier-on-tier shutters can also reflect the sleek look of full height shutters with a mid rail, when both sets of panels are opened in the same way.

Excellent for both light control and privacy

Shutters make light work in your home. Whether you are looking for a brighter space, or increased privacy, then tier-on-tier are the shutters you’ve been searching for.

The two-tiered effect gives you more scope to use your rooms to their fullest potential, without having to worry about sun or streetlights. You can move your shutter panels independently, tilting the louvres to suit you, so at any time of day you can manage light and shade.

For your bedrooms and bathrooms, where a level of discretion is required at all hours, you’ll love the flexibility provided by tier-on-tier.

If you need full or partial access to your windows, such as for cleaning, or easy opening, then tier-on-tier are the shutters for you. This makes them ideal for sash windows that have to be more accessible than other window styles.

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