Benefits of Interior Wooden Window Shutters

Our wide selection of premium quality S:CRAFT wooden shutters are well suited for any type of property, from traditional period home and Victorian homes to modern spaces with contemporary décor. All of our shutters are customised for each property and reflect your own style preferences. Each piece is catered to even the most awkwardly shaped window or door.

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Diverse range of shutter installations

The benefits of interior wooden window shutters are wide ranging, from enhanced security and privacy to a high degree of light control and sound insulation. Unlike conventional window coverings, wooden shutters are versatile with advanced features to provide you with the greater flexibility to control how much light enters a room. Wooden window shutters also deliver a clean, stylish look to any room.

A Diverse Selection

Shuttercraft Northants provide shutters with quality finishes and creative designs. Whether you are looking to make a bold statement or add a subtle design that complements the rest of your home, we have attractive wood shutters that will achieve the look and feel you are seeking. You can get the benefits of interior wooden window shutters including optimal light control and enhanced privacy without sacrificing your personal style preferences.

Our wooden shutters are available in a range of colours, sizes and frame styles. Whatever your needs are, we can create customised shutters that fit with any décor. In addition to various traditional and contemporary paint colours, we also create shutters with different finishes and stains to enhance the look or texture of the window covering.

Enhanced Privacy and Complete Light Control

Unlike traditional window coverings, wooden shutters can be subdivided into separate sections. Each section can then be individually controlled, delivering complete light control. That means you can draw or close specific sections to control how much or how little light enters a space. Shutters are also designed to close tightly in either direction, providing complete privacy and an added sense of security. This is especially useful for rooms that face a road or neighbouring property. When shutters are divided into sections, you also have the option of closing eye-level shutters while keeping upper panels open to allow light to enter the space. This flexibility allows you to maintain privacy while still maximising light control.

Money-Saving Thermal and Sound Insulation

Wooden shutters are not just good for controlling light. The additional layer of wood over a window also acts as a thermal barrier, keeping warmth in during colder months. When used with double glazed windows, wooden shutters ensure optimal energy efficiency in your home. They are also alternatives to double gazed window, especially in period properties or for awkward windows where costly double glazing might not be practical.

Interior wooden window shutters help keep heating bills lower by minimising waste from heat loss. Heat loss can be maximised when using wooden shutters in combination with energy-efficient double glazed windows. Wooden shutters also help keep unwanted heat out during warmer summer months, providing you with a cooler and more comfortable home. When a room gets too cold, our bespoke shutters with insulating features can be easily opened to help warm up a space during the day.

In addition to reducing draughts and heat loss for better temperature control, wooden shutters also promote a quieter home. A quiet home enhances quality of life, especially in noisy urban areas or when a house is located close to a busy road. An affordable and quick solution to improve sound insulation in your home is installing wooden shutters. Shutters act as an additional obstacle for outside noises and help mute disturbances from cars and other sounds coming from the outdoors.

A Sound Investment

One of the unseen benefits of interior wooden window shutters is the value they add to a property. These sophisticated, must-have window furnishings are increasingly popular among homeowners and a sought-after feature for people looking to buy property. Since wooden shutters are permanent fixtures, they enhance a home’s desirability. Their stylish look and refined finish also provide a ‘wow factor’ when entering a well-designed room.

We all know bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, well our shutters, including our 100% waterproof range, are perfect for both and offer a sound long term investment should you purchase and decide to sell your home at a later point.

A Low Maintenance and Hygienic Window Solution

Traditional window coverings such as curtains often become dusty, creating a source of irritation for anyone suffering from dust allergies. Unlike curtains, wooden shutters are easy to clean and maintain. With just a quick wipe with a cloth or duster, dust will not accumulate over time. You no longer have the hassle of having to take down curtains and have them washed, often professionally since your home washing machine might not be large enough to do the job yourself.

For added protection, we add a hygienic anti-bacterial or Hygienilac coating to our shutters and blinds. This wood lacquer kills most types of bacteria, including MRSA, salmonella and E. coli and up to 99.9 per cent of other potentially deadly pathogens. Our commercial clients often opt for this feature in order to keep maintenance requirements to a minimum. This durable coating is particularly useful for installations in properties where health is a priority, such as hospitals, care homes, surgeries and nurseries.

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