Shuttercraft Northants, Quality Plantation Shutters & Blinds

Shuttercraft Northants only sell and fit the highest quality range of S:CRAFT shutters and blinds. From our high quality entry level MDF shutters to our range topping  certified white teak range, all our shutters are made from high quality materials and are guaranteed to last. The wood used in our shutters is twice-dried in a computer-controlled facility. This prepares the material for the climate conditions specific to the customer’s country. The quality plantation shutters & blinds range is exported for installation across the world, in countries as different as Australia and Alaska.

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Quality shutter installations

This manufacturing process is therefore extremely important as it helps reduce frame warping and twisting, therefore maximising the longevity of your installation.

Traditional mortise and tenon joints

S:CRAFT only use engineered stiles, i.e. the side bars of your shutter panels. They are produced by cutting wood into strips and binding them back together in opposing layers so that they gain more strength and durability than standard solid wood pieces. This is due to the fact that the capillaries that run across the wood’s surface and allow moisture to travel and set are broken up.

The stiles, which have been reinforced with special bonding agent, are engineered into the panels to offer outstanding build quality and allow them to be enjoyed for years on end without warping. What’s more, S:CRAFT use traditional mortise and tenon joints in between the shutter rail and its stiles, which are infinitely stronger than dowel joints, and which can minimise friction and movement between shutter elements. As there is no movement, the stain or paint finish will not crack and the shutter’s stylish and pristine appearance will be protected. In the event that some movement does occur,Shuttercraft Northants Quality Plantation Shutters & Blinds are engineered to accommodate the friction with an expansion joint. This solution is basically an extra grooved overlap.

We do not sacrifice quality for cost

S:CRAFT do not sacrifice quality for cost, and will therefore not compromise on Louvre thickness even when production costs are concerned. S:CRAFT believe it would make the stiles more prone to warping. Companies which practice lower prices use paints and stains that are less expensive and give the louvres less coats. S:CRAFT, on the other hand, use no less than 6 coats of paint. This first-rate, exclusive paint system was developed for Shuttercraft Northants quality plantation shutters & blinds. The final layer is a clear UV-additive lacquer which protects the shutters from fading colours and yellowing.

Both solutions offer a quality finish

Tilt rods allow the shutter louvres to be opened and closed easily. They can be hidden i.e. built into the shutter mechanism, or left, centre or right aligned in front of the shutter. Both solutions offer a quality finish that compliment the look and use of the shutters.S:CRAFT tilt rods are attached to the shutters using strictly high-quality, marine-grade staples made of stainless steel. Their tips are coated in bonding agent so that they stay fastened and they secure the shutters for years to come.

Wide range of options and styles

Our S:CRAFT plantation shutters can be complemented with a wide range of options and styles depending on the level of range chosen . Customers will be spoilt for choice in terms of louvre size, frame style and colours to match their window and home decor.All Shuttercraft Northants blinds and shutters are made to the highest possible standard using high quality materials and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Shuttercraft Northants only fit the finest quality plantation shutters from S:CRAFT

A Wide Selection of Frames

Rather than attaching window shutters to battens, we supply S:CRAFT plantation shutters with a large choice of frames. This allows you to select frames that match the style of your shutters and the overall look of your space. They also allow for a much stronger finish, as well as a great fit for easy installations. Not only do we supply the best quality window shutters, we also provide you with fine frames to deliver a sophisticated look and finish.

Targeted Drying Methods

Wood used in S:CRAFT shutters is carefully storied in computer controlled facilities. Wood is kiln dried twice, taking into account the climate of the country where the shutters will be exported. This customised drying process reduces the likelihood that the wood will warp. S:CRAFT also does not compromise on the thickness of the louvers, which also makes our shutters less susceptible to warping.

Engineered Stiles

S:CRAFT uses engineered stiles, which are the side bars of the shutter panels. Unlike other shutters where these pieces are produced as a solid component, S:CRAFT cuts the wood into strips that are then bonded together in layers. This construction provides greater strength by breaking capillaries through the wood where moisture can enter and travel. Not only do engineered stiles ensure our shutters are durable and remain attractive over many years, they also prevent warping.

Thickness and Finishes

Thickness is a key feature of only the best quality window shutters. Such a benefit further minimises the chances of warping. To aid in the visual component of our dressings, each shutter is given six separate coats of paint or stain. This is then sealed in with a top coating that resists harmful ultraviolet rays; lessening the fading and physical damages caused by the sun. These techniques enable our shutters to be as bright and stunning as the day that they were purchased.

Firm Attachments

High-quality marine staples are use within all of our S:CRAFT shutters. Stainless steel resists corrosion and is highly durable. By using these accessories to attach the tilt rods to the shutters, a superior level of longevity can be enjoyed. This is further enhanced with the addition of a separate sealant that is placed over these staples.

Only the best quality window shutters will do for your home!

Quality Finishing Touches – Every S:CRAFT product is made a state-of-the-art facilities to ensure optimal quality. At the same time, each of our shutters boast hand-crafted finishes. S:CRAFT shutters benefit from a proprietary paint system that has been specifically developed for its shutters. Each shutter is finished with no less than six coats of paint or stain. The final layer is a clear lacquer with a UV additive that protects the shutter from fading and discolouration.

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